SAP Table - T5WOC

DescriptionLink Occupation Codes with Alt. Titles/Spec.
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration Tables

T7IE6Employer Registered Numbers (HR-IE)PA-PA
T7SI3TArticle 212 TextsPA-PA
T77SFI_FS_MAPDETMapping DetailsPA-PA
T7AR11Additional information by subtypePA-PA
T7RUCOUNTYTKLADR: Counties (Regional districts): TextsPA-PA
PA0346HR Master Record: Infotype 0346 (Contribution plan)PA-PA
T51B1HR-ARC: Global Characteristics of Archiving GroupPA-PA
T5ITP2Payments to social security fundsPA-PA
T7TW3CRetirement Pay Calculation RulePA-PA
T5KTATax areas (Canada)PA-PA

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