SAP Table - T7PL19

SAP TableT7PL19
DescriptionPLUCP - including contract orders to SI bases
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration Tables

T5C1RText for Company DepartmentPA-PA
T7GR2QUSCQuota ValuesPA-PA
T5W1VContribution class for social insurances ZA textPA-PA
T5F1BSI contributionsPA-PA
T5J72HR Supplements to Reason for Events JPPA-PA
T5ITLFMin.and/or exempt amount processing - Italy onlyPA-PA
T7BRTFDescription of FGTS movement codePA-PA
PA3246HR Master Record for Infotype 3246 (Legal Hold)PA-PA
T5UVTTVeteran Status TextsPA-PA

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