SAP Table - T7ROA6

DescriptionContr. H - received/deducted amount from the authorities
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPayroll

SAP Payroll Tables

T7SK4AItems of payroll formPY
T7UAT1_PRIOPriority of Wage Type processing in Tax ClassPY
T5HPBS59Anniversary bonus settingsPY
T7ROE3Base for required amountPY
T7RO10Insurance institutionsPY
PA3263HR master record, infotype 3263PY
T7BGB1TMunicipalities - textPY
T5H1KT5H1J textsPY
T5H4HText table of process code/variant of SI servicesPY
T7ROE2Limits for External deductionsPY

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