SAP Table - T7SI4F

DescriptionReports - user-exits
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryPayroll

SAP Payroll Tables

T5H83Data of other legal relationshipsPY
T5T1KHealth insurance institutionsPY
T5TPS77S0TSystem TablesPY
T5HPBS64Controlling leave quotasPY
T7UAN8Assignment wage's groups & codes to ApplicationPY
T7UA9PARDefinition of the parametersPY
T7ROE5Limits for External deductions - Total LimitPY
T5H5FHelp table to infotype p0441PY
T7UAN1_WTRDefine fields to display at Wage Type Reporter(HUACFP49)PY
T7UAG0HR-UA: Garnishment orders addition tablePY

Full List of SAP Payroll Tables