SAP Table - T889A

SAP TableT889A
DescriptionNumber Ranges for Document Types for Local Objects
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategorySpecial Purpose Ledger

SAP Special Purpose Ledger Tables

GLTO3FISL Table with Objects, Amounts and Quantities in Format P9FI-SL
GB31Validation/Substitution Callup PointsFI-SL
GLFUNCOObject Table 1 for Cost of Sales AccountingFI-SL
GBC1Configuration for the Boolean Rule ProcessorFI-SL
T803VPReport Writer: Generated program versionsFI-SL
T804EReport Writer: Summary of TablesFI-SL
T887Activity/Ledger/CCode InformationFI-SL
T881TFI-SL Ledger textFI-SL
T883User Table FieldsFI-SL
T800TReport Writer: Texts for ReportsFI-SL

Full List of SAP Special Purpose Ledger Tables