SAP Table - T8A30

SAP TableT8A30
DescriptionEC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryProfit Center Accounting

SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables

KE1_WU_RUNIDPCA Where-Used List: RunsEC-PCA
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master DataEC-PCA
T895PCAEC-PCA: Fiscal-Year Dependent Version ParametersEC-PCA
T886PCAEC-PCA: ActivitiesEC-PCA
CMDT_PCGeneric Master Record: Profit Center EnhancementsEC-PCA
KE1_WU_KTRPCA Where-Used List: Cost ObjectsEC-PCA
A142Dependent on materialEC-PCA
T8APP_HRKFTValue of field HRKFT in profit center planningEC-PCA
GLPCCEC-PCA: Transaction AttributesEC-PCA
KE1_WU_KSPCA Where-Used List: Cost CentersEC-PCA

Full List of SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables