SAP Table - T8A40

SAP TableT8A40
DescriptionEC-PCA: Transfer Statistical Key Figures
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryProfit Center Accounting

SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables

T8APP_GLPCMEC-PCA: Plan Costs from Material Costing for Rep. MaterialEC-PCA
KE1_WU_SELOPTPCA Where-Used List: Selection TableEC-PCA
PCA_SCMOIndex from Schedule Manager Run to Corresponding ExtractsEC-PCA
A141Dependent on material and receiver profit centerEC-PCA
KE1_WU_PSPCA Where-Used List: ProjectsEC-PCA
TKE1PP51EC-PCA: Application-Specific Extension to TKA51EC-PCA
KE1_WU_IMPCA Where-Used List: Real Estate ObjectsEC-PCA
T8A20Special handling for goods movements between profit centersEC-PCA
PCBWA_USERBW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Profit CenterEC-PCA

Full List of SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables