SAP Table - T8A50

SAP TableT8A50
DescriptionAcct determination of P+L acct for chrg off valuation diff.
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryProfit Center Accounting

SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables

T8A_COMPRESSEC-PCA: Summarization fields for EC-PCA documentEC-PCA
TCVPROFCurrency and Valuation ProfilesEC-PCA
T8APP_HRKFTTTexts for values of field HRFKT in profit center planningEC-PCA
TPCA_ALECompany Code/Field Transfer PCA (ALE)EC-PCA
A143Dependent on material groupEC-PCA
KE1_WU_ANLPCA Where-Used List: AssetsEC-PCA
T8APP_ACCTEC-PCA: Acct Determination in Planning (Derive or Valuate)EC-PCA
T8APP_KALKTTexts for Costing Keys EC-PCAEC-PCA
KE1_WU_SELOPTPCA Where-Used List: Selection TableEC-PCA

Full List of SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables