SAP Table - TC50A

SAP TableTC50A
DescriptionAssignment of Message Charact. to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Planning for Process Industries

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

COFVProcess Management: Process Instr. Charact. in Ctrl RecipePP-PI
COMHPPI Sheet: Message HeaderPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_PREDXSteps: PredecessorPP-PI
PCMO4Production campaign pegged reqmt resource networkPP-PI
POC_DB_DOMAINDomain Model: Database Table for DomainsPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_ARITXSteps: Descriptions for Property Index of the ApplicationsPP-PI
CFB_SCALEDefine Scale ControlPP-PI
KALCMaterial Quantity Calculation - FormulasPP-PI
TCB17Addresses of Mess.Destinations with Individual ProcessingPP-PI
DTEFWDowntime Values EnteredPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables