SAP Table - TCB01

SAP TableTCB01
DescriptionProcess Instruction Types
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Planning for Process Industries

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

POC_DB_DOMAINDomain Model: Database Table for DomainsPP-PI
TCB16Predefined Charact. Groups for Message and Instruction Cat.PP-PI
COFTProcess Management: Process Instructions in Control RecipePP-PI
BDSCHKF25BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_XSYTXSteps: BAdI Exits, Descriptions for Valuation SymbolsPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_XDCTXSteps: BAdI Exits, Descriptions of Data CatagoriesPP-PI
COCHProcess Management: Control Recipe HeaderPP-PI
MKALProduction Versions of MaterialPP-PI
CMX_XSE_DB_XPGTXSEditor: Descriptions of External Plug-InsPP-PI
CWD_EQUI_CLASSCampaign Weighing Equipment Class and CharacteristicsPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables