SAP Table - TCB02

SAP TableTCB02
DescriptionTypes of Message Destination
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Planning for Process Industries

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

CMX_ISE_EVTQUEUEIntersession Events:Event Queue (Cluster,Shared Memory Only)PP-PI
BDSRE25BDS: Relationship InstancesPP-PI
TC55Destination-Specific Target Fields for Message DestinationsPP-PI
TC50PP-PI: Proc.Message Categories/ Proc.Instruction CategoriesPP-PI
TCOOPC_APPL_IDTOPC: Text Table for Application IDsPP-PI
POC_DB_C_DEVIATDomain Model: Deviation CollectionPP-PI
TCB14Predefined Assignments of Destinations to Message CategoriesPP-PI
COMEProcess Management: Message CharacteristicsPP-PI
PLFVPI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter ValuesPP-PI
BDSCHKO25BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information ObjectPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables