SAP Table - TCB17

SAP TableTCB17
DescriptionAddresses of Mess.Destinations with Individual Processing
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Planning for Process Industries

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

BDSCHKO25BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information ObjectPP-PI
REBR1Batch Record: Layout ProfilePP-PI
CWD_CRD_SCALECampaign Weighing Control Recipe Dest. to Scale mappingPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_NRELXSteps: Links to Non-Historic Objects (Relationships)PP-PI
PCMO4Production campaign pegged reqmt resource networkPP-PI
POC_DB_C_SYTABLEDomain Model: Variable Collection (Symbol Table)PP-PI
DTSCHEMADowntime SchemaPP-PI
TC58PP-PI: Definition of Operator CockpitsPP-PI
TCOOPC_SERVERTOPC: Language-Dependent OPC Server Short TextPP-PI
CMX_XS_C_TL_PICXSteps: Translatable Process Instruction CharacteristicsPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables