SAP Table - TCG01

SAP TableTCG01
DescriptionEHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables

THM071DG: Risk PotentialEHS
T7EHS00_QTYPETDescription Catalog Entry TypeEHS
TDG95DG: Define Level of Dangerous Goods PackagingEHS
DGTEXCEPTExceptions to DG Regulations - Header TableEHS
T7EHS00_QRELTYPObject Type for Questionnaire AssignmentEHS
TCG01EHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)EHS
T7EHS00_STATUSTLanguage-Specific Text Table for StatusEHS
T7EHS00_QGROUPUnique Number of Catalog GroupEHS
TDG85Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assignment ProfilesEHS
TDGD7DG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation ProfileEHS

Full List of SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables