SAP Table - TCG76

SAP TableTCG76
DescriptionEHS: Component category
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables

TDGD1DG: Definition of a Regulation ProfileEHS
DGTMD_LKEYDG: Dummy Table for Lock Object on Log. Key for DGTMDEHS
T7EHS00_QAGENGeneral Answer TypeEHS
TDG87Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assgmt Objects to Assgmt Prof.EHS
TDGC6Text table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery headerEHS
T7EHS00_QUESTTLanguage-Dependent Text Table for Table T7EHS00_QUESTEHS
THM071DG: Risk PotentialEHS
THM072Risk Potential DescriptionEHS
DGMS2DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table (Appendix Table)EHS
HSMC_BDAActivation of Extended Hazardous Substance ChecksEHS

Full List of SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables