SAP Table - TCG76OBJ

DescriptionEHS: Object - Component Type Assignment
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryProduct Safety

SAP Product Safety Tables

TCGTPLHEHS: Inheritance Template HeaderEHS-SAF
TCGREPVIEWNAEHS: Report View Menu, DescriptorEHS-SAF
CCRCT_COPLEHS: Planned Consumed QuantitiesEHS-SAF
CVCHSEHS: Assignment table for shipping elementsEHS-SAF
TCG76OBJCONEHS: Object-Parameter-Component Type AssignmentEHS-SAF
ESTDJEHS: Assignment of Specifications to ReportsEHS-SAF
ESTOCCEHS: OCC: Table for Saving Import InformationEHS-SAF
TCGES01EHS: Worklist for Enterprise Search PS Background ProcessEHS-SAF
CCRCT_SOLOEHS: Reference to Confirmed Sold Quantities (CCRCT_SO)EHS-SAF
TCGCONEHS: Context ParameterEHS-SAF

Full List of SAP Product Safety Tables