SAP Table - TDG71

SAP TableTDG71
DescriptionDG: Define Checkbox Struct. for Filling/Distribution (Pack.)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryDangerous Goods Management

SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables

TDGA3DG: Dangerous goods - check schema - determination routineEHS-DGP
TDGS3DG: Field Names for DGTPK (Packing Requirement)EHS-DGP
TDG66DG: Text Table for Mode of Transport CategoriesEHS-DGP
TDGA5DG: Dangerous goods - check methodsEHS-DGP
TDGD17EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in ShipmentEHS-DGP
DGTEXCCHKMETHExceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: Check MethodsEHS-DGP
TDG34DG: Description for hazard-inducing substancesEHS-DGP
TDGT2DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/airEHS-DGP
TDGC7DG: Controlling EDI ProcessingEHS-DGP
TDG82Descriptions for Dynamic Tab TitlesEHS-DGP

Full List of SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables