SAP Table - TDGC6

DescriptionText table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery header
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables

DGTEXCCNTRIESExceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: CountriesEHS
EHSBT_APPL_SCOPEEHS: General Scope of ApplicationEHS
TCG51EHS: Property TreeEHS
EHS_TDG83Categories of PackageEHS
TCG01EHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)EHS
TDGD7DG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation ProfileEHS
DGTEXCTEXTSExceptions to DG Regulations: Texts and DocumentsEHS
CVCBPEHS: Business process - valid business process IDsEHS
T7EHS00_QUSREXRegistered User Exit Function Modules for QuestionnaireEHS
HSMC_BDAActivation of Extended Hazardous Substance ChecksEHS

Full List of SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables