SAP Table - TDGD7

DescriptionDG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation Profile
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables

TDG96DG: Text Table for Level of Dangerous Goods PackagingEHS
DGTPKDG: Packing RequirementEHS
T7EHS00_QRELTYPObject Type for Questionnaire AssignmentEHS
LIPSDGAppendix Table for Dangerous Goods DataEHS
EHQMT_CODE2EH&S-QM: Assignment of Characteristic Values to CodesEHS
EHQMT_BASIC_DATAEH&S-QM: Basic Data for Inspection PlansEHS
TCG51EHS: Property TreeEHS
TDG102Dangerous Goods Packaging Status DescriptionsEHS
T7EHS00_FKATALOGAdministration Data EH&S Question CatalogEHS
DGMS2DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table (Appendix Table)EHS

Full List of SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tables