SAP Table - TDGS2

DescriptionDG: Field Names for DGTMD and DGTM2 (DG Master)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryDangerous Goods Management

SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables

TDG21DG: Link table to text IDsEHS-DGP
TDG93Assign Text Pattern Profile to Output TypesEHS-DGP
TDG48DG: Description for DG material-independent textsEHS-DGP
TDG17DG: Define danger labelEHS-DGP
TDG04DG: Short Description for Transport TypeEHS-DGP
DGTEXCCHKMETHExceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: Check MethodsEHS-DGP
THM083EHS: Hazard Inducer TypesEHS-DGP
TDGD11EHS: Determ. Routine for Templ. Proc. in Shipping and SalesEHS-DGP
TDG82Descriptions for Dynamic Tab TitlesEHS-DGP
TDGD17EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in ShipmentEHS-DGP

Full List of SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables