SAP Table - TDGS3

DescriptionDG: Field Names for DGTPK (Packing Requirement)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryDangerous Goods Management

SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables

TDGD11EHS: Determ. Routine for Templ. Proc. in Shipping and SalesEHS-DGP
TDG98GG: Text Table for Approval Code TypesEHS-DGP
TDG33DG: Hazard-Inducing SubstancesEHS-DGP
TDG49DG: Permitted Primary LanguagesEHS-DGP
THM082EHS DGM: Description for Hazard Inducer TypesEHS-DGP
TDG61DG: RegulationsEHS-DGP
TDG10DG: Label for dangerous goods classesEHS-DGP
TDG97DG: Approval Code TypesEHS-DGP
TDGD6DG: Description Indicator CategoryEHS-DGP
TDG42DG: Desc. DG indicator profiles for material masterEHS-DGP

Full List of SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables