SAP Table - TFMCA005T

DescriptionTexts for Versions for Plan and Sample Documents
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry-Specific Component Public Sector

SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables

TFMCA_ACTLS_ASGNAssignment of Action List to StatusIS-PS
TFMCA001Status for Generation of Inbound CorrespondenceIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_PARTIS-PS-CA: Parameter Cluster Builder Business Partner EnvironIS-PS
TFMCA_FORMPROCTLanguage-Dependent Texts for Form-Based ProcessesIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF660BRF: Contract Account ReadingIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF500BRF: Parameters for Status CheckIS-PS
PSSCC_DBA_TYPEDecision Basis TypesIS-PS
TFACT_TYPE_PARTTFact Type Part DescriptionIS-PS
TFMCA_RM_RPRFRisk Profile Configuration in Tax Revenue ManagementIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_TRANTTText of Transaction TypesIS-PS

Full List of SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables