SAP Table - THM095

SAP TableTHM095
DescriptionDG: Determination of Response for Mixed Loading Checks
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryDangerous Goods Management

SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables

TDG22DG: Description for user-defined textsEHS-DGP
TDGB7DG: Assign DG check schemata for transport documentsEHS-DGP
TDG33DG: Hazard-Inducing SubstancesEHS-DGP
TDGS3DG: Field Names for DGTPK (Packing Requirement)EHS-DGP
TDGD17EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in ShipmentEHS-DGP
TDG79DG: Making Filling More Flexible: Assignment TableEHS-DGP
TDG42DG: Desc. DG indicator profiles for material masterEHS-DGP
TDG97DG: Approval Code TypesEHS-DGP
ET001Conversion of Phrases in Table Fields (Field: Translation)EHS-DGP
TDGC3DG: Output Conditions for DG-Independent TextsEHS-DGP

Full List of SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables