SAP Table - TIV72

SAP TableTIV72
DescriptionFixtures and fittings objects
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryReal Estate Management

SAP Real Estate Management Tables

TIVB9Additional information for accomm.entitlemnt certif.RE
RFVIBK01CBank Procedure Test Data - C-RecordRE
VIAK14RA credit memo/receivable:now only used as structure!RE
TIVA9Land Register Sect. II Type of Charges and RestrictionsRE
TIV95Selection types for calculating feesRE
TIVKUE3VNotice Periods for Deadline Regulation - Tenant ViewRE
TIV07Apportionment unit IDRE
VIGBZABAppreciations/deprecations for land register listRE
TDO6TText table for land registry indicatorRE
VIMITHRental agreement number and doc.number for printing invoicesRE

Full List of SAP Real Estate Management Tables