SAP Table - TKA03

SAP TableTKA03
DescriptionStatistical key figures
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryControlling

SAP Controlling Tables

FCOMTS_CR_LOREPRSDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOsCO
QISRTSTATUSISR Status Overview: Buffer TableCO
COKEYCO key sub-numbersCO
CRMFIN_OB_TYP_COBusiness Transaction TypeCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHNMSDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsCO
FCOMIPHIEDIRUnique Ids for extracted HierarchiesCO
QISRAPPLApplication for Internet Service RequestCO
BDSPHPR24BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsCO
COAS_KONT_ATTRAcct Assignment Attributes for Obj.Type in Attribute ServiceCO

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