SAP Table - TKA05

SAP TableTKA05
DescriptionCost Center Types
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryControlling

SAP Controlling Tables

TKA01Controlling AreasCO
FCOMC_SETVERHierarchy VersionsCO
WUSL2Where-Used List: Text TableCO
SE16N_RFSE16N: Assigns Environment Transactions to a TableCO
IAOM_BS_MAIBusiness Scenario Extensions Control TableCO
COAS_TRANSFERTransfer Attributes for Object Type in Attribute ServiceCO
QISRDAPPLTApplication for Internet Service Request: DescriptionCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHRIPRSDOK: Attributes of Hyperlink RelationshipsCO
SURVEYSurvey Master TableCO

Full List of SAP Controlling Tables