SAP Table - TKA06

SAP TableTKA06
DescriptionFiscal Year Period
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryControlling

SAP Controlling Tables

FCOMTS_CR_CHKOSDOK: Files of Physical Information ObjectsCO
SE16N_EXITSE16N: Assigns Exit Events to a TableCO
TSAPPLTTable Search: Text Table of ApplicationsCO
QISRTEMPLATETemplate for Basic DataCO
IAOM_BS_GRPBusiness Scenario GroupCO
FCOMTS_CR_LORIPRSDOK: Logical information object attribute valuesCO
TSVARFBTTable Search: Function Modules of Application, TextsCO
IAOM_BS_MASTERBusiness Scenario Control TableCO
QISRGRP1_TISR: Assignment - Group to ScenarioCO

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