SAP Table - TP02

SAP TableTP02
DescriptionBusiness partner: Salutation
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Services

SAP Financial Services Tables

FSBP_CC_MAP_BKDTTable for Mapping Bank Detail IDs in CleansingFS-BP
CEXO_POPersistence Object ConfigurationFS-BP
FSBP_PXE_LOGTable for Logging Proxy EventsFS-BP
TPZ41Use of Protected ApplicationsFS-BP
TP017Value Table for Liability RisksFS-BP
CEXO_BO_TYPE_TXTDescriptions of Business Object TypeFS-BP
TPR5Partner Object Relationship: Application Cat. - Role Cat. IFS-BP
CCXO_MO_POAssignment of Memory Object to Persistence Object (Customer)FS-BP

Full List of SAP Financial Services Tables