SAP Table - TP02T

SAP TableTP02T
DescriptionBusiness Partner: Salutation Text
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Services

SAP Financial Services Tables

BPC_FIL_ROLETable for Filtering Roles (in Inbound)FS-BP
TP37Activation Status for Total CommitmentFS-BP
TP43TDescription for Call ContextFS-BP
FSBPC_PRX_CACHESettings for Cache of Business Partner ProxiesFS-BP
TPZ1Business Partner: Find and Replace Strings Phonetic SearchFS-BP
BP021Fiscal Year InformationFS-BP
TP02TBusiness Partner: Salutation TextFS-BP
TP11Business partner: Employment statusFS-BP
TP018Customizing Rel. Between Legal Form and Leg. Form of CompanyFS-BP
TP47Assignment of Role in Application to Role SetFS-BP

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