SAP Table - TW02T

SAP TableTW02T
DescriptionText table for TW02 (Type of investment)
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTreasury

SAP Treasury Tables

TZBZCompany code: Additional dataTR
T068BText table for T068ATR
TZD0BDarwin: Customer default values per for KNB1TR
TCRC_CSPR_TYPECredit Spread TypeTR
TW55TPrice markdowns - Text tableTR
TZKVTCorrespondence activities (texts)TR
FLQQRRGLiquidity Calculation - Ranges for QueriesTR
CML_MIG_BUFFERTable DDIC buffering (migration)TR
VZGPOPartner/role object relationshipTR
TZT15Info. in acc.with §18 German banking act (Texts)TR

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