SAP Table - TW21

SAP TableTW21
DescriptionFunds category
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTreasury

SAP Treasury Tables

FLQITEMFILiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Other FI DocumentsTR
SANS1Address tableTR
TTMRSDBasis field catalog Risk Management, character. dependenciesTR
TZBZCompany code: Additional dataTR
TZ01TTable for the maintenance of ratings (Text)TR
TZV06Internal position/employee groupTR
TZD1TText table for table TZD1TR
TZKVCorrespondence activitiesTR
INDEXAIndex typesTR
TZ39BRelationship table indicator R5/97 append. 10 for prod. cat.TR

Full List of SAP Treasury Tables