SAP Table - TWAA

DescriptionPromotion Type, IS-R
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Basic Data

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

WER_ACT_SM_SAction simple mappingLO-MD
WMQKTQuota Scale: Header TextsLO-MD
T136Stock Display: Basic List/Breakdown ListLO-MD
T377P_TTexts for Serial Number Management ProfilesLO-MD
TWLFSales Price Calculation: List FieldsLO-MD
PDTC_T_MBLNRMaterial Document NumberLO-MD
T418FVariable-Size Item FormulasLO-MD
MEANInternational Article Numbers (EANs) for MaterialLO-MD
LFASVendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)LO-MD
WRF_LMVF_TYPETable of Fixture CategoriesLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables