SAP Table - TWBO4

DescriptionTable for restriction categories
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryConsumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP)

SAP Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP) Tables

WRPEReplenishment: Error messagesMM-CBP
DBPRONReproc. of Forecast Errors and Excpn Messages with MRP AreaMM-CBP
WRPLReplenishment: quantities per customer/materialMM-CBP
WSAF_EVENTS_OCDefinition of Calendar Events OccurredMM-CBP
MAHD_OVALOriginal Values for Alternative RPM Time Series for ForecastMM-CBP
TWBO0Table of parameters for optimized PO-based load buildingMM-CBP
WSAF_EVENTSDefinition of Calendar EventsMM-CBP
WSAF_APPL_LOGLog Table for Application LogsMM-CBP
WSAF_PRED_TEXTDefinition of Predictors (Text)MM-CBP
WRPPReplenishment: parameters at material/req. group levelMM-CBP

Full List of SAP Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP) Tables