SAP Table - TZA11R

DescriptionValues for classifying appendices acc. to R96/11
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryFinancial Services
Sub CategoryRegulatory reporting for insurance companies

SAP Regulatory reporting for insurance companies Tables

TISSR_RFLOWTYPEMapping between the actual and temporary flowtypesFS-SR
ISSR_CUST_ROWSUMRow sum information.FS-SR
ISSR_CUST_COLMAPColumn mapping to custom out format.FS-SR
TZ28_ARCHIVTAsset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / TextFS-SR
TZBRRelationship table for contracting party classificationFS-SR
TZ28_ARCHIVAsset Type According to Regulatory Accounting RequirementsFS-SR
TZ41Customizing reg. report. fld. ctrl. for prem. res. fundFS-SR
TZDV98Conversion matrix BAV premium reserve fund list 1998FS-SR
ISSR_CUST_HD_DECustomer report header format for DEFS-SR
ISSRFLDEAActual line item tableFS-SR

Full List of SAP Regulatory reporting for insurance companies Tables