SAP Table - VIWI04

DescriptionCost Efficiency Analysis Average Rent/Charges
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryReal Estate Management

SAP Real Estate Management Tables

TIVA9Land Register Sect. II Type of Charges and RestrictionsRE
VIVSTIInput tax treatment interface: Records not yet updatedRE
TIVLICTGICI cadastral categoriesRE
VIMI10Rental agreement additional textRE
TIVP1TSource of ProspectRE
TIVROZ0BIPD: Ownership structureRE
TIV86Allocation of periodic fee types to condition typesRE
VIAK04Allocation of Settlement Variants to Settlement UnitRE
TIVCNADJTContract Type <-> Adjustment Type AssignmentRE
TIVB5Default Values for Selection acc. to Status of ObjectRE

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