SAP Table - WRPE

DescriptionReplenishment: Error messages
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryConsumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP)

SAP Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP) Tables

WSAF_EVENTS_OCDefinition of Calendar Events OccurredMM-CBP
WSAF_CONFIG_DEFConfiguration Settings for SAF File CONFIG.INI DefaultMM-CBP
TWBO4TText table for restriction typesMM-CBP
DBPRONReproc. of Forecast Errors and Excpn Messages with MRP AreaMM-CBP
WSAF_PROMO_DELTAChange Information for PromotionsMM-CBP
TWVMOPStock types per profile for transfer to vendorMM-CBP
TWRPPTReplenishment: texts for TWRPP (requirement groups)MM-CBP
WDRDDelivery Relationships: Recipients per Plant and MaterialMM-CBP
WSAF_EVENTS_OC_TDefinition of Calendar Effects Occurred (Text)MM-CBP
TWBO2TText table for restriction typesMM-CBP

Full List of SAP Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP) Tables