SAP Table - WUSL10

DescriptionWhere-Used List: Dependent Tables
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryControlling

SAP Controlling Tables

BDSPHF24BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsCO
FCOMIPHIEDIRUnique Ids for extracted HierarchiesCO
WUSL11Where-Used List: Fields to be OutputCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHRESDOK: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsCO
SE16N_EDITSE16N: Activation/Deactivation of Editing FunctionsCO
SURREFSSurvey: Array referencesCO
QRP002GUID Table for Account Assignment ObjectsCO
QISRSCENARIOAPLISR: Scenario and ApplicationCO
FCOMT_CR_OBJECTChange Request: ObjectsCO
FCOMC_CR_TYPEChange Request TypeCO

Full List of SAP Controlling Tables