SAP Table - WUSL5A

DescriptionWhere-Used List: Exit Modules for the Applications
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryControlling

SAP Controlling Tables

WUSL4Where-Used List: Application AssignmentCO
QISR_WIZ_CLASS_TTexts: ISR Classes That Use Interface IF_ISR_WIZARDCO
WUSL6Where-Used List: Text Tables for the ApplicationsCO
ACDIAGSHOWAC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC DocumentCO
COAS_TRANSFERTransfer Attributes for Object Type in Attribute ServiceCO
IAOM_BS_MASTERBusiness Scenario Control TableCO
COAS_ATTRIBUTESMetadata for Attributes in Attribute ServiceCO
CSLAActivity masterCO
TSDDICREFTable Search: DDIC Reference of Transfer ValueCO
SURAPPLINTSurvey: Application interface: read data, writeCO

Full List of SAP Controlling Tables