SAP Training and Event Management (PE) Tables

T77BBAppraisal Criteria TextsPE
T77KCTexts for Cost ItemsPE
T77KBCost ItemsPE
T77KAIncompatible Attendances/AbsencesPE
T77FBForms of Further Training (France)PE
T77CRReasons for Cancellation of Business EventPE
T77ABDay Schedule TextsPE
T77BTCriterion ValuesPE
T77BRCriterion ValuesPE
T770ADay SegmentsPE
T770BAssignment of Day Segments to Day SchedulesPE
T777BAppraisal TypesPE
T778BAppraisal TypesPE
T77BKAppraisal CriteriaPE
T77AMTime SchedulePE
T77KFTransfer of Business Event Costs to ControllingPE
T77KMBusiness Event NotificationsPE
T77VGCheck table: Recipient GroupPE
T77VHRecipient group textsPE
T77VENotification abbreviationsPE
T77VIAssignment: Triggering Activity - Notification AbbreviationPE
T77VDOutput Control: CorrespondencePE
T77VPLog File: Correspondence in Training and Event ManagementPE
T77VCText Variable EditingPE
T77VBOutput Sequence of Text ElementsPE
T77KVAttendance ProcedurePE
T77KUUser Groups for CorrespondencePE
T77VFNotification AbbreviationsPE
T7FRFAFinancing Types (France)PE
T7FRFFForms of Further Training (France)PE
T77CARReason for Cancellation of AttendancePE
T77CRTReasons for Cancellation of Business EventPE
T77FARReason for Course FailedPE
HRP1034Infotype 1034 DB tablePE
T77CARTReason for Cancellation of AttendancePE
T7FRFATTexts: Financing TypesPE
T77FARTTexts: Reason for Course FailedPE
T7FRFFTTexts: Forms of Education (France)PE
HRT1041Table division infotype 1041PE
HRP1060DB Table for Infotype 1060PE
HRP1042Infotype 1042 DB TablePE
HRP1041DB Table for Infotype 1041PE
HRP1037Infotype 1037 DB TablePE
HRP1036Infotype 1036 DB tablePE
HRP1035Infotype 1035 DB TablePE
HRP1030Infotype 1030 DB tablePE
HRP1029Infotype 1029 DB tablePE
HRP1027Infotype 1027 DB tablePE
HRP1026Infotype 1026 DB tablePE
HRP1023Infotype 1023 DB tablePE
HRP1062DB Table for Infotype 1062PE
HRP1063DB Table for Infotype 1063PE
HRT1062Table Section Infotype 1062PE
HRT1060Table Division for Infotype 1060PE
HRT1042Table Division Infotype 1042PE
HRT1035Table Division Infotype 1035PE
HRPAD53Additional Data PAD53PE
HRPAD51Additional data PAD51PE
HRPAD50Additional Data PAD50PE
HRPAD34Additional Data for Relationship 'has attended'PE
HRPAD27Additional data PAD27PE
HRPAD25Additional data PAD25PE
HRPAD23Additional data PAD23PE
HRPAD22Additional data PAD22PE
HRPAD21Additional data PAD21PE
HRP1020Infotype 1020 DB tablePE
T77REFDOCReference Document Table: Training and Event ManagementPE
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SAP SAP Learning Solution Tables

LSOLSPExternal Training ProviderPE-LSO
PA3225Personnel Record for Infotype 3225PE-LSO
HRP5003DB Table for Infotype 5003PE-LSO
HRP1889DB Table for Infotype 1889PE-LSO
HRP1888DB Table for Infotype 1888PE-LSO
HRP1887DB Table for Infotype 1887PE-LSO
HRP1886DB Table for Infotype 1886PE-LSO
HRP1885DB Table for Infotype 1885PE-LSO
HRP1884DB Table for Infotype 1884PE-LSO
HRP1883DB Table for Infotype 1883PE-LSO

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SAP External Learning Solution Tables

HRP7900DB Table for Infotype 7900PE-LSX
HRT7900Table Part Infotype 7900PE-LSX
HRP7905DB Table for Infotype 7905PE-LSX
HRP7903DB Table for Infotype 7903PE-LSX
HRP7902DB Table for Infotype 7902PE-LSX
HRP7901DB Table for Infotype 7901PE-LSX
HRPAD791Additional Data Relationship 'Has Curriculum Bundle Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD792Additional Data Relationship 'Has Subscription_Type Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD794Additional Data Relationship 'Has MixandMatch Type Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD795Additional Data Relationship 'Has MixandMatch Element'PE-LSX

Full List of SAP External Learning Solution Tables