SAP Table - T77AB

SAP TableT77AB
DescriptionDay Schedule Texts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryTraining and Event Management

SAP Training and Event Management Tables

HRPAD50Additional Data PAD50PE
T77KCTexts for Cost ItemsPE
T77BKAppraisal CriteriaPE
HRP1062DB Table for Infotype 1062PE
HRT1062Table Section Infotype 1062PE
HRP1036Infotype 1036 DB tablePE
T77VIAssignment: Triggering Activity - Notification AbbreviationPE
T7FRFAFinancing Types (France)PE
HRP1042Infotype 1042 DB TablePE
HRPAD22Additional data PAD22PE

Full List of SAP Training and Event Management Tables