SAP Table - HRPAD792

DescriptionAdditional Data Relationship 'Has Subscription_Type Element'
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTraining and Event Management
Sub CategoryExternal Learning Solution

SAP External Learning Solution Tables

HRP7901DB Table for Infotype 7901PE-LSX
HRP7900DB Table for Infotype 7900PE-LSX
HRPAD792Additional Data Relationship 'Has Subscription_Type Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD794Additional Data Relationship 'Has MixandMatch Type Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD790Additional Data Relationship 'Has Curric BundleType Element'PE-LSX
HRT7900Table Part Infotype 7900PE-LSX
HRP7902DB Table for Infotype 7902PE-LSX
HRPAD791Additional Data Relationship 'Has Curriculum Bundle Element'PE-LSX
HRPAD795Additional Data Relationship 'Has MixandMatch Element'PE-LSX
HRP7903DB Table for Infotype 7903PE-LSX

Full List of SAP External Learning Solution Tables