SAP Billing (SD-BIL) Tables

A144Sales Deal Basic DataSD-BIL
TVKTCustomers: Account Assignment GroupsSD-BIL
KNVLCustomer Master LicensesSD-BIL
TVFSBilling: Reasons for BlockingSD-BIL
TVFKBilling: Document TypesSD-BIL
TCCLPayment cards: Point of receipt for the transactionSD-BIL
S071Condition UpdateSD-BIL
TCCMPayment cards: Merchant IDSD-BIL
TSTLTaxes: Valid Tax Categories for Each CountrySD-BIL
TSTEInvalid will not be used anymoreSD-BIL
TINCCustomers: IncotermsSD-BIL
TLICTax Exemption LicenseSD-BIL
VBRKBilling Document: Header DataSD-BIL
VBRLSales Document: Invoice ListSD-BIL
A145Sales Deal - Customer/MaterialSD-BIL
A146Customer HierarchySD-BIL
A147Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal)SD-BIL
A148Product HierarchySD-BIL
A149Customer-dependent data determinationSD-BIL
A399Withholding tax code - country-specificSD-BIL
KNVICustomer Master Tax IndicatorSD-BIL
S473Pendulum List - RequisitionerSD-BIL
VBRPBilling Document: Item DataSD-BIL
S474Pendulum List - ConfirmationSD-BIL
T665ESD Self-Billing Procedure: Tolerance Limits, PercentageSD-BIL
S474ES474 - Structure InformationSD-BIL
T665BSD Self-Billing Procedure: General Processing ParametersSD-BIL
TCCMTPayment cards: Merchant ID (text)SD-BIL
T665CSD Self-Billing Procedure: EDI Partner Inbound ParametersSD-BIL
S473ES473 - Structure InformationSD-BIL
TCCLTPayment cards: Points of receipt for the transaction (text)SD-BIL
T665GSelf-Billing: Customer Tolerance GroupsSD-BIL
T665DSD Self-Billing Procedure: Contractor Processing ParametersSD-BIL
T665FSD Self-Billing Procedures: Tolerance Limits, AbsoluteAmountSD-BIL
TINCTCustomers: Incoterms: TextsSD-BIL
TRNSMData TransferSD-BIL
VRKPASales Index: Bills by Partner FunctionsSD-BIL
VCNUMCredit card masterSD-BIL
VCKUNAssign customer-credit cardSD-BIL
TVKTTCustomers: Account Determination Groups: TextsSD-BIL
TVFSTBilling : Blocking Reason TextsSD-BIL
TVFSPBilling: Blocking ReasonsSD-BIL
TVFKTBilling: Document Types: TextsSD-BIL
TVFKDBilling Document: Billing Date by Number RangeSD-BIL
TVCTYPayment card categorySD-BIL
TVCTDPayment Cards: Determine CategoriesSD-BIL
TVCPFBilling: Copying ControlSD-BIL
TVCLKBlock reason (payment card)SD-BIL
TVCINPayment cards: TypeSD-BIL
TVARRArchiving Control for BillingSD-BIL
VRPMASD Index: Billing Items per MaterialSD-BIL
TVCAAPayment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales DocumentSD-BIL
FPLTCPayment cards: Transaction data - SDSD-BIL
VSBREFReferences: Self-Billing Procedure with Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VSBCONConditions (Surcharges/Discounts) of an IDoc ItemSD-BIL
VSBTRMTransmission: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VBREVRRevenue Recognition: Reference Document LinesSD-BIL
VBREVKRevenue Recognition: Control LinesSD-BIL
T665GTSelf-Billing: Name of Customer Tolerance GroupsSD-BIL
VBREVERevenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition LinesSD-BIL
VBREVCRevenue Recognition: Worklist of Changed Sales DocumentsSD-BIL
TVRRURRevenue Recognition: Account Det.'Unbilled Receiv./Costs'SD-BIL
TVCLKTDescription of blocking reason (payment card)SD-BIL
TVCTYTCategory description for payment cardSD-BIL
TVCINTDescription of payment card typeSD-BIL
VSBDATSelf-Billing Procedure Data w. Automatic PostingsSD-BIL
T077DFCustomer Group: FI-CA Integration (Distributed Systems)SD-BIL
VSBDITSelf-Billing Procedure Delivery Item w. Automatic PostingSD-BIL
VSBPSTProcessing Status: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VSBPLMProcessing Log MessagesSD-BIL
VSBPLGProcessing Log: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VSBPERPrestep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VSBPBDSelf-Billing: Processed Billing DocumentsSD-BIL
TVCAATPayment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales Document (Text)SD-BIL
VSBOIISelf-Billing: Index of Generated Open ItemsSD-BIL
VSBMERMainstep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. PostingsSD-BIL
VSBEERError Types and Editable FieldsSD-BIL
VSBITMIDoc-Item Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic PostingsSD-BIL
VSBGRIIDoc Item Regrouping InformationSD-BIL
VSBGRHIDoc Header Regrouping InformationSD-BIL
VSBHDRIDoc Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic PostingsSD-BIL
CCARDECEncrypted Payment Card NumbersSD-BIL
TVVIEWPSD: Function Activation LogSD-BIL
TVNFACTSD: Function Activation on BUKRS LevelSD-BIL
VBREVACRevenue Recognition: Compression of FI Revenue PostingsSD-BIL
CMP_PROFBilling Type for Creating a Pro Forma Billing DocumentSD-BIL
TVNFACTCSD: Function Activation on CLIENT LevelSD-BIL
PRSC_CATEngagement mgmt: CategoriesSD-BIL
SDINVUPDVPRS Update: Worklist for VPRS UpdateSD-BIL
PRSD_GRPGrouping, Sorting values for DLISD-BIL
J_1AOFNR3Exception table for deal type determ.(export/domestic)SD-BIL
PRSC_CHAREngagement mgmt: CharacteristicsSD-BIL
CMP_KSCHLCondition Type for Complaints ProcessingSD-BIL
J_1ATXRELTax relevant classificationSD-BIL
PRSC_CTRLEngagement mgmt: Process ControlSD-BIL
J_1ASNRDT1Branch Determination for DeliveriesSD-BIL
J_1ASNRDT2Branch determination for material movementsSD-BIL
J_1ADOCCL2Texts for official document class in ArgentinaSD-BIL
J_1ATXRELTTexts for tax relevant classificationSD-BIL
PRSC_CAT_TEngagement mgmt: Categories Text tableSD-BIL
CMP_REASONCustomizing for Complaints ReasonsSD-BIL
PRSC_USAGEEngagement mgmt: UsageSD-BIL
CMP_POSTYPItem Category Customizing Complaints Proc. Credit Memo ItemSD-BIL
J_1ADOCCLSOfficial document class for ArgentinaSD-BIL
PRSC_CATUOMEngagement mgmt: Unit of Measures for CategoriesSD-BIL
PRSC_METMAPEngagement mgmt: Metrics MappingSD-BIL
PRSC_METROWEngagement mgmt: Metrics RowSD-BIL
PRSC_SCRVALEngagement mgmt: Sceen ValuesSD-BIL
PRSC_METCOLEngagement mgmt: Metrics ColumnsSD-BIL
PRSC_USAGE_TEngagement mgmt: Usage TextSD-BIL
BON_ENH_CDOCSettings for Indirect Billing DocumentsSD-BIL
BON_ENH_CSEQExtended Rebate: VAKEY StructureSD-BIL
CCARDEC_CUSTEncryption of Payment Card TypeSD-BIL
CMP_VBFS_EXTStatus Messages from Mass Complaints ProcessingSD-BIL
BON_ENH_CGENSettings for the Update of Indirect SalesSD-BIL
PRSD_DMRP_EXTExtended DMR Line InformationSD-BIL
PRSD_VBAK_EXTEngagement mgmt: Extended DMR Head InformationSD-BIL
SDFM_SF_INDEXIndex Table for Update of StatisticsSD-BIL
PRSC_SCRVAL_TEngagement mgmt: Sceen Values TextsSD-BIL
PRSC_METROW_TEngagement mgmt: Metrics Row TextsSD-BIL
CMP_KSCHL_TXTCondition Types: TextsSD-BIL
PRSC_METCOL_TEngagement mgmt: Metrics Column TextsSD-BIL
BON_ENH_CSEQ_SExtended Rebate: VAKEY Structure, Shadow TableSD-BIL
PRSC_MATDETCATEngagement mgmt: Determine Categories for MaterialsSD-BIL
CMP_REASON_TXTComplaints Reasons: TextsSD-BIL
PRSC_CATDETMATEngagement mgmt: Determine Materials for CategoriesSD-BIL
J_1A_WS_BRANCHAR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point)SD-BIL
PRSD_DLIEF_EXTDLI Document Flow ExtensionSD-BIL
CRMC_FM_CO_EXPcustomizing table cost element to expense type for marketingSD-BIL
BON_ENH_LEDGERReconciliation Accounts for Rebate Credit MemosSD-BIL
PRSD_CO_MAPPINGEM: Mapping original DMR lines to Carry Over linesSD-BIL
PRSD_DMRP_ACC_CHEngagement Mgmt: Accrual Characteristics for DMR LinesSD-BIL
SDFM_SF_AG_INDEXMANDT MANDTIndex Table for Update of Statistics (Agreements)SD-BIL
CMP_MAPMASSKSCHLMapping Condition ID <-> Condition TypeSD-BIL
CMP_MAPKSCHL_TXTTexts for Mapping Condition ID <-> Condition TypeSD-BIL
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