SAP Table - A146

SAP TableA146
DescriptionCustomer Hierarchy
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryBilling

SAP Billing Tables

TVFSPBilling: Blocking ReasonsSD-BIL
PRSC_CHAREngagement mgmt: CharacteristicsSD-BIL
VBREVCRevenue Recognition: Worklist of Changed Sales DocumentsSD-BIL
T665DSD Self-Billing Procedure: Contractor Processing ParametersSD-BIL
J_1A_WS_BRANCHAR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point)SD-BIL
VSBGRHIDoc Header Regrouping InformationSD-BIL
TINCCustomers: IncotermsSD-BIL
T077DFCustomer Group: FI-CA Integration (Distributed Systems)SD-BIL
TVKTTCustomers: Account Determination Groups: TextsSD-BIL
CCARDECEncrypted Payment Card NumbersSD-BIL

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