SAP POS Interface (SD-POS) Tables

WVFBDRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FMSD-POS
TWPPKPOS outbound: condition type groupSD-POS
WVFB2SRS: received external requirement numbers/phys. inv. nosSD-POS
TWPTYPOS interface: checking table for POS system typesSD-POS
TWPUBPOS interface: conversion of transaction types sales rcptsSD-POS
TWPUCPOS interface: currency code conversionSD-POS
TWPUEPOS interface: conversion of subsystem units of measureSD-POS
TWPUFPOS interface: conversion of store numbersSD-POS
TWPUKPOS interface: conversion of POS condition typesSD-POS
TWPULPOS interface: conversion of POS language codesSD-POS
TWPUMPOS interface: conversion of POS movements typesSD-POS
TWPUPPOS interface: conversion parametersSD-POS
TWPUSPOS interface: conversion of POS tax codesSD-POS
TWPUTPOS interface: check table for conversion categoriesSD-POS
TWPUVPOS interface: conversion of POS transaction types FISD-POS
TWPUWPOS interface: conversion of POS material groupsSD-POS
TWPUXPOS interface: reassignment of mat. tax classification keySD-POS
TWPUZPOS interface: conversion of POS payment methodsSD-POS
TWPWBGeneral Processing Control for POS Goods MovementsSD-POS
TWWAGScales groupSD-POS
WPLSTPOS interface: processing logSD-POS
WPTSTPOS interface: restart log for upload processingSD-POS
WPXSTPOS interface: status external subsystems (error messages)SD-POS
TWPPFTransaction types for financial transactionsSD-POS
T6WL4Check table - label formSD-POS
TWPBRDefinition of the Check Rules for POS UploadSD-POS
TWPDZAssignment of credit card institute to customerSD-POS
TWPEKPOS outbound: Condition typesSD-POS
TWPFIPOS outbound profileSD-POS
TWPIBTransaction-type-based control of sales as per receipts POSSD-POS
TWPIEPOS Interface: Automatic EAN Creation ControlSD-POS
TWPIFTransaction type-dependent control of POS financial trans.SD-POS
TWPIIStore phys. inventory controlSD-POS
TWPIOStore order controlSD-POS
TWPIRGeneral control of upload of sales as per receipts POSSD-POS
TWPIVGeneral control of aggregated sales upload POSSD-POS
TWPIWPOS interface: default values for movement types/inv. man.SD-POS
TWPIZGeneral control of payment list POSSD-POS
TWPPBTransaction types for sales as per receiptsSD-POS
TWPISPOS interface: profile for internal interfacesSD-POS
TWPTYTPOS interface: text table for table TWPTYSD-POS
TWPPFTTransaction types for financial transactions / descriptionSD-POS
TWPPKTPOS interface: text table for table TWPPKSD-POS
TWPPBTTransaction types for sales as per receipts / descriptionSD-POS
TWWAGTTexts for tables TWWAGSD-POS
TWPFITCommunication profile storeSD-POS
TWPUTTPOS interface: text table for table WPUTSD-POS
TWPISTPOS interface: text table for TWPISSD-POS
WDLCOPYLog Table for IDoc Copy ManagementSD-POS
TWPCOPYReference Ship-to Party for IDoc Copy ManagementSD-POS
TWICPIPEPIPE-Specific Communication SettingsSD-POS
WDLCOPYLOGError Log Table for IDoc Copy ManagementSD-POS
WPOSN_CSGMTStock Determination Entries for Consignment ProcessingSD-POS
TWPOS_IDOC_SIZEmax. IDoc size of outbound IDocsSD-POS
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