SAP Table - T6WL4

SAP TableT6WL4
DescriptionCheck table - label form
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryPOS Interface

SAP POS Interface Tables

TWPUWPOS interface: conversion of POS material groupsSD-POS
TWPTYPOS interface: checking table for POS system typesSD-POS
TWPIWPOS interface: default values for movement types/inv. man.SD-POS
TWPULPOS interface: conversion of POS language codesSD-POS
WPXSTPOS interface: status external subsystems (error messages)SD-POS
TWPIBTransaction-type-based control of sales as per receipts POSSD-POS
WDLCOPYLog Table for IDoc Copy ManagementSD-POS
TWPTYTPOS interface: text table for table TWPTYSD-POS
TWPIVGeneral control of aggregated sales upload POSSD-POS
TWPIFTransaction type-dependent control of POS financial trans.SD-POS

Full List of SAP POS Interface Tables