SAP Table - A131

SAP TableA131
DescriptionService Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryTransportation

SAP Transportation Tables

TGAFFreight Code DeterminationLE-TRA
VTSPLSAssignment Forwarding Agent - Log. System for Freight PlngLE-TRA
TMFGMaterial freight groupsLE-TRA
VXTRKSTracking Status DetailsLE-TRA
VFSCAIFScale Item: Gross VolumeLE-TRA
TRXEVTTracking: Transactions and EventsLE-TRA
VTPRLTransportation Planning System Route LimitationsLE-TRA
VXSISSmall Parcel Carrier: Special Processing (Service Code)LE-TRA
VTTSStage of ShipmentLE-TRA
TVFBWAMinimum Weights for Shipping UnitsLE-TRA

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