SAP Table - B045

SAP TableB045
DescriptionShipment Type/Transportation Service Agent
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryTransportation

SAP Transportation Tables

VTADD01TChecking Table Supplement: DescriptionLE-TRA
TVFPAssignment of Purchasing Data for Shipment CostsLE-TRA
TVSAKTSpecial Processing Indicator: TextsLE-TRA
VTPRLTransportation Planning System Route LimitationsLE-TRA
VTADD04Checking Table Supplement 4LE-TRA
VXSITDNSONumber Range Sub-objectLE-TRA
TVROTRoutes: TextsLE-TRA
VFSCAIL0Scale Item: Postal CodeLE-TRA
TVFCDTDescription for Service Agent Procedure GroupLE-TRA
VXSITDLExpress Delivery Company: Meta Description Data FieldLE-TRA

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