SAP Table - A370

SAP TableA370
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction

SAP Industry Solution Engineering & Construction Tables

ADBOS_ECP_CKISBOS: Enhancement to Detailed StatementIS-EC
A269Equipment Type/Document TypeIS-EC
J_3GSTDANZUsers Allowed to Create Standard Display VariantsIS-EC
J_3GEQBSTPInventory Management Check per Equipment TypeIS-EC
J_3GZVBAPBackup Table for CEM Data in Rel. 3.0IS-EC
BOSPS_ASSIGNMENTBOSPS: PS object links to the specified sales documentIS-EC
BOSPS_CLUSTERBOSPS Data Cluster for variants etcIS-EC
J_3GBERGR(Recipient) Authorization GroupsIS-EC
J_3GBERGRTAuthorization Group TextsIS-EC
KOTJ008Debited Co. Code/Debited Bus. Area/Debited Plant/Recpnt Cat.IS-EC

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