SAP Table - A435

SAP TableA435
DescriptionSales org./Distr. chl/Customer/Material/DRM Agr No/DRM Itm
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution High Tech

SAP Industry Solution High Tech Tables

KOTG402IS-SW Product List ExclusionIS-HT
S490CEM SettlementIS-HT
TOGM5Software Maintenance Process: Rejection CodesIS-HT
A273Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Customer/ItemIS-HT
A274Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/ItemIS-HT
S496DRM: MS Side Business MetricsIS-HT
T685WDRM Relevancy for Rules Condition TypesIS-HT
TOGM4Maintenance ProfileIS-HT
TOGCFGG: Configuration ViewsIS-HT
A436Agreement data in combination with Agreement searchIS-HT

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