SAP Table - AD03PHVT

Descriptionversion type text
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryAerospace & Defence Industry Solution

SAP Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution Tables

TMEXTPIC: Interchability Codes' TextIS-AD
AD23_LAYTYPE_CTBPP: alternative layout type for output typeIS-AD
TBLP_MODOItems in Field Selection DefinitionsIS-AD
PEG_LOCKWLSTPegging: Lock TableIS-AD
DIS_RUNPROFDistribution: Run ProfileIS-AD
ORF5CUSTTCustomising Profils for Optimal Rot. Float ORF1,2,4 TextIS-AD
ADLZSNLeading Zeroes in Serial NumbersIS-AD
AD01T000Settings for A&D billingIS-AD
AD04KALSMAdditional properties of costing sheetIS-AD
AD23_LAYTYPETBPP: alternative layout type textsIS-AD

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