SAP Table - AUVZ

DescriptionDistribution Center
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryMerchandise Distribution

SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables

AUBSIWorklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)LO-MDS
TMFPFTDistribution Profile of Material Master - TextsLO-MDS
EMFINTTexts for Recipient DeterminationLO-MDS
WRFT_62AGeneral Settings for Allocation Table ApplicationLO-MDS
AUKAIWorklist for Sales Orders (FBG)LO-MDS
TPARA_VARIANTS_TParallel Processing Variants Retail - TextsLO-MDS
AULWDelivery PhasesLO-MDS
AUFGAllocation Table Sub-Item, Store GroupLO-MDS
TFMATAdjustment Profiles per Processing MethodLO-MDS
WMD_ADJ_EXEC_WMAdjust and Execute Distribution at WM LevelLO-MDS

Full List of SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables